Doing good

There are a lot of ways to get rid of your money.
But maybe you want to do something good with it?
Why not supporting one of the most popular development countries in the world?

I have met some great (Dutch and Ugandan) people in Uganda who made quite some impression on me. People who decided to help (orphan) children. As a mom I can only celebrate this, because these little creatures are so vulnerable to a good basic upbringing.

Let me introduce you to them, then you can decide for yourself if you want to sponsor them in €.

thumbs up Noah’s Ark Children’s Ministry (@ Mukono, Kampala) of Piet en Pita Buitendijk
They have executed their concept of caring and education in a very professional way. The orphanage is large, great for an (overnight) visit (you can even drink water from the tap!) and expands quite fast with a clinic, vocational school, etc. Piet & Pita show a lot of care for their (over 180) children and want to give them the best.

thumbs up Mama & Me (@ Jinja) of Diede Martens
They have build a babysitter centre (kinderdagopvang) out of the blue so that moms can let their children play while they go to work and earn money. So common in Holland, but not here. 
I am amazed by the idea, passion and courage of this 26-year old girl. Way to go Diede!

thumbs up Peculiar Childcare Support (@ Kampala) of Samuel Kuteesa
The founder – Samuel – used to be a orphaned streetkid himself. When he had the change to follow education, he decided he wants to help this children by giving them the same opportunity. Samuel is a professional and proactive person, he already supports many children by giving them education and medical care (in future  cooperation with MALAIKA Medical Care – “a clinic that earns from the rich and gives to the poor”). Besides that he educates refugees from South Sudan himself and he has set up a single women’s workshop. Excellent work ssebo!