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Yes, I do like good wine. Unfortunately, I do like the imported one from South-Africa the best… But now my mukwano (friend) Alex Temple has found a way to enjoy a good glass of wine in combination with supporting the Ugandan economy. That is great!

His idea was founded to respond to the development of youth who come from poor backgrounds. The Kilombe Youths Entrepreneurs in Wine Production and Community Organization aims at giving technical skills to the youth so that they can generate an income and improve their living standards. As a result there will be a reduction in poverty and crimes. This wine project is located in Mutungo Bbiina A. 

The ‘Ugandan’ part about this wine is that it is made from matooke bananas. They produce white and rose wine with the musical name Darlingtune Wine. If you ask me, the white one is my favorite – it is fresh and fruity which tastes like ‘vlierbessenwijn’ (elderberry wine). The rose is definitely not bad at all, but it reminds me of ‘gluhwein’ (mulled wine), which I would rather drink when it is snowing. Both wines have a moderate alcohol percentage of 11,9% .

If you are in Uganda, you can order your bottle(s) via Alex (0773-180766) at a selling price of UGX 15,000.- per bottle. If you are in Holland, you have to wait till I bring you some.