Inspiring ideas

I am very fond of people who have a passion and who dare chasing it. These are the people I want to help, simply by sharing their idea and letting them meet the right people. They may inspire you too or maybe you even want to be part of their organisation.
You can help them in a very approachable way and not always with money. Just by being a good person, collecting your old jeans, hammer and screw driver or by skyping with some schoolkids. Ain’t it easy?!

thumbs up MommaLuv (@ worldwide) of Mandy Ladan
She is so right! Why do we get so many gifts even before our child is born and other moms do not even have a clean cloth to wrap their baby in? Please think about asking money instead of gifts after giving birth to your baby and go to her website to link up with a needy mom abroad.

thumbs up Solehope (@ Jinja)
Sole Hope is already a team of almost 20 employees, including 7 tailors/shoemakers. The latter are experts in making children’s shoes from your old jeans. Their main goal is to prevent children from jiggers (a really nasty kind of flee that lays eggs in your toe (don’t google pictures(!)), when they are walking barefooted through life. Your old jeans can help! Don’t throw them away, but contact me for collection and shipment to Uganda.